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‚ÄčPersonal Injury Law is complicated and simple at the same time.  In order to have a  Personal Injury Case - including Medical Malpractice or Products liability - you need to have three conditions: (1) An Injury; (2) Negligence on the part of another person or company and (3) somebody or a company that has the ability to pay the compensation for the injury and how it's affected a person's life.  

If you call our law firm we will ask you questions about your injury and how it happened and we will undertake an investigation of your case to determine if the above three conditions have been met.  

If you have been hurt in any kind of accident - you should immediately seek medical attention.  That is the most important thing to do for your health and safety.  Then - when you are feeling up to it- you can call us at 855-465-2954.  We will complete any and all investigations to determine if the three conditions above exist.  

Our Investigators will then go to the scene and take photos and measurements of the condition or the circumstances that caused your injury.  Next we will file a claim with the responsible party.  After that we will serve the other party- called the defendant, with subpoenas to obtain all of their relevant records.  Next we will obtain all of your medical records and present the records to the defendant's insurance company and request that they approve fair and just compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and how the incident has affected your life.  Normally the insurance company does not simply give us what we request -so we file the law suit against the defendants.  

At Redmond Law we move quickly and file the law suit very soon- if the insurance company refuses to pay fair and just compensation.  

After the law suit is filed - we have to wait 30 days for the defendant to submit their Answer.  When we receive their Answer we file a document called a "Request for Judicial Intervention" with the Court- that causes the court to schedule a Preliminary Conference- where we go to Court and schedule depositions and schedule the exchange of certain documents.  In the meantime we prepare and present to the defendants a document called a Bill of Particulars- which spells out the reasons and the location of the incident as well as all of the medical issues and costs.

The next step is to complete the depositions of the parties - the plaintiff - otherwise known as the claimant goes first. That is the person that we represent.  The deposition is a question and answer session whereby the lawyer for the defendant is able to ask the plaintiff questions about how the incident occurred and what injuries they received because of the incident.  One of our Lawyers will be present during the deposition and make sure that all of the questions asked are proper and relevant.  

We will then have the opportunity to conduct the deposition of the defendants to hear their side of the story and to challenge any inconsistencies that may exist.  

After the depositions are complete there is a period of time where certain other documents or investigations take place based on possible new information that occurs in the depositions.  Also the plaintiff will visit the defendant's doctors for an exam. 

When all of the above items are completed we will file a document with the Court called a "Note of Issue" otherwise known as a "Notice for Trial" which places the case on the Court's Trial Calendar.  

Often times, it takes 6 months from the time of the filing of the Note of Issue to get the first trial date.  The first 3-4 trial dates are for settlement conferences with the Court and the case will not go to trial until approximately 1 1/2 years after the Note of Issue is filed. 

Also- it is after the time of the filing of the Note of Issue that often times the attorneys agree to go to Mediation with a company such as NAM- National Arbitration Mediation and although that costs approximately $2000 - it is often a productive alternative to taking the case to trial and waiting for that process to complete. 

If we are unable to settle the case- the case proceeds to trial before a jury of 6 people and 2 alternates.  At the trial we will call people to testify and experts to testify about the plaintiff's medical condition and the condition that caused the incident. The trial will last anywhere from one week to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the issues involved.