Cornelius Redmond

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Cornelius (Neil) Redmond has been practicing law for 21 years and specializes in Personal Injury Law.  Neil conducts 10 to 20 Jury Trials per year with a very high success rate.  

If you hire Neil to be your lawyer - you will receive his personal cell phone number so that you can communicate with him at almost any time.  

All the employees at our law firm are dedicated to making sure that all of our clients get treated like first class citizens and get the medical treatment they need to improve on their physical and psychological condition.  

Our goal is to obtain the greatest possible amount of monetary compensation to make up for the defendant's negligence.  To put all of our clients in almost as good a position that they would have been in if the accident did not happen.  To make you feel as if you were not ripped off by the system.  To attempt to make you whole again.  

We realize that an injury can take away a part of the person - make you age before your time and can be physically and mentally exhausting.  We hire the specialists to help you get better and to evaluate your case in the most detailed and specific way possible.